NiceClimbs El Crap Waste Bag (10 Pack)


The El Crap waste bag comes in a pack of ten and is perfect for your climb up El Cap, Mount Whitney, The Hulk, Grand Teton, etc.

The pink inner bag is tear resistant and the silver outer bag is odor-proof. The waste bag comes folded and fits inside your pants pocket!

Leave one in your alpine kit, glove compartment, first aid kit, etc.

Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it!




  • Pink inner poop bag
  • Silver odor-proof disposal bag
  • Gelling and deodorizing poop powder packet
  • Toilet paper


  1. It is recommended to go #1 prior to using the El Crap for #2.
  2. Open the pink inner bag nice and big on the ground.
  3. Sprinkle in the poop powder.
  4. Pull your pants down to your ankles and assume a wide, stable squat position over the bag.
  5. Do your worst.
  6. Wipe (toilet paper goes in the pink bag, too).
  7. While holding your breath, carefully squeeze out all the air from the pink inner bag, then tie an overhand knot.
  8. Place the pink inner bag in the odor-proof disposal bag, squeeze out all the air, and zip it up.
  9. Throw the El Crap away in a garbage can when you get back to civilization.


  • The El Crap can hold around 3 big poops if you’re adventurous enough to re-use.
  • If backpacking, pouring your used coffee grounds into the pink inner bag helps to deodroize, especilally if using multiple times.