Eldorado Canyon


Located just 15 minutes south of Boulder, CO, Eldorado Canyon is known for being a world class traditional climbing area. The rock is sandstone, but few splitters are found here. The climbing is tricky and the protection can be trickier, as you meander your way up the discontinuous crack systems.


Unlike nearby Boulder Canyon (which is free), the daily pass is $8 per vehicle, or $75 for the year. Located on the map is a convenient spot to park an extra car when carpooling into the park.

The park is very popular amongst climbers and tourists alike. Though not a guarantee, climbing during the week might give you the best odds for less crowds. Either way, be wary of leaving packs on the ground at climbing areas close to the road. Walking down, after an amazing time on Outer Space, to everything taken was a sad way to end our day. Especially since the Bastille was less than a minute walk to the car.

Outer Space 5.10   


  • The Bastille Crack 5.7
  • Yellow Spur 5.9+
Ari on Yellow Spur 5.9
  • Outer Space 5.10b/c
  • Naked Edge 5.11b
Zhenya on the crux pitch of Naked Edge 5.11


Spring, Summer, and Fall.


Unfortunately, there are not a lot of good sleeping options in the vicinity of Eldo. We got through our stay in Boulder by pulling up to a residential area in Boulder after dark, going straight to sleep, and leaving in the morning as soon as we woke up. We would also keep rotating, never sleeping in the same neighborhood twice.


There are lots of water options in the city of Boulder, the public library being one of them.


Lots of options to choose from in Boulder, from brew-pub to all-out organic vegan grub.


North Boulder Recreation Center has a great pool and showers for $8.25.

Rest Days

The Eldorado Springs Pool is fed by water from natural hot springs. It is a great way to relax your mind and body after a few days of climbing, not to mention a convenient time to shower as well. It costs $12.

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