DIY Homemade Crack Gloves

Tape gloves get shredded so fast and the crack gloves on the market right now are expensive, pretty thick, and I’m not convinced they are all that durable.

I found some 1mm thick climbing shoe rubber online which I think are for the rand, and I found some 0.7mm thick flat nylon webbing as well. The total cost for two crack gloves’ worth of material was one dollar total. That’ll do you cheap bastard, that’ll do.

I used my old tape gloves as a template, and cut out the rubber with no problems. Then I kind of winged it from there. I formed these finger loops with the nylon, marked where I thought they should be on the rubber, and then glued them down with rubber cement. After all 5 loops were made, I filled the rest of the side of the glove that would touch the hand in with strips of the nylon webbing.

The nylon provides some padding and protection for the hand but also stiffens up the rubber, which naturally has some elasticity to it. Total thickness is about 2.4mm which I’m not sure how it compares with the ones you can buy online, but I’m guessing it’s about the same. These feel bomber in my hand though, and I’m not worried about ripping the finger holes.

I forgot to buy some velcro so the wrist straps aren’t done, but I’ll get to those eventually. If you want to check back to see if we ever sell these on our site, keep an eye on our shop page!

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