My New Van

I spent a week in September with Tyler in Yosemite and we talked a lot about the type of vehicle best suited for my upcoming road trip. I was pretty set on a manual rear wheel drive Ford Ranger like Steph Davis rocked back in the day but he kept insisting that there just wasn’t enough space. He believed that a van was the way to go, and I eventually came around.

2006 Ford E-150 with 135,000 miles for $3,500

I picked this baby up for $3500. She’s a 2006 Ford E-150 with 140k miles. Gets 15mpg if I’m lucky but damn there is a lot of room in the back.

Our maiden voyage was down to the Gunks for a weekend.

The thing is loud as fuck on the highway, so loud that after the four hour trip, we both lost our voices a little bit. It also really wants to go left. Like all the time. It’s definitely comfortable though and can fit two grown men no problem.

My next step is to insulate, and build a bed. I do not plan on doing solar or fridge or fan. I’m going to keep it simple for now.

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